Thanks for the help.

My Car was stolen at the Great Indoors parking lot on Sunday,
March,9th between 4:15 and 4:45.  at the Empire Shopping Mall in Burbank CA.
My car was a 1955 210, painted tan and white.
It had a 502/550 HP.  400 tranny, small hubcaps and beauty rims.
Very stock looking and sedate in appearance. Cloth interior,
antique Auto Meter gauges and tack. 
Three inch exhaust all the way out, two seat belts in front, none in the rear seat.
Electronic ignition so the battery is in the trunk next to the spare tire.
The drivers side mat has a Chevy bow tie sewn into it.  That is about it. 
Your thoughtfulness in helping me is very much appreciated. 
The fact of the matter is that this car and others are out of the country
in a matter of hours or cut up and sold off. It is a shame.
Again, thanks for the help.

Jim Paul      818 845 8818       email