My '32 Roadster was stolen last nite (1/30/2011) from the parking lot
of the Sheraton hotel at the LA County Fairplex. I was attending the
GNRS and staying at the Sheraton. The car is a semi-gloss black,
heavily pin-striped, steel-bodied (Rod Bods), high-boy roadster
with a 6-71 blown small block Chev, Wanlass/Rodwell windshield,
black leather and aluminum paneled interior.
California license number BERBNZ. (Bare Bones)

There's plenty of distinguishing characteristics on this car which make
it unmistakable. I've included some photos. If someone is offering you a
screamin' deal on a blower setup (Mooneyham), a steel '32 roadster body,
Chevy small block motor, 700-R4 transmission, 9-inch rear end,
American Racing Torque Thrusts and tires, a Wanlass windshield,
or any kind of parts, be advised - they could be hot.
If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of my car,
please contact me at the number below or the
Pomona PD at 909-620-2131 (reference File No. 11-011782.