I canít find my show?

First always refresh or reload you browser.  You'll need the latest edition of Quicktime, try another browser if you use Internet Explorer.
Live Car Show posts NEW episodes on Wednesday,  if you don't see your show check back the following week. If your show is older click on the Past Episodes page and you'll find all the shows Live Car Shows has covered.

Why do the videoís take so long to load?

It all depends on your connection and computer.  This years shows are streaming directly from our web site. Although it takes longer to load once loaded they should play smoother and larger than you see on any other site.   What we suggest is that if your connection is slow let about half of the video load, you can tell this by the  bar at the bottom of the player.  Then drag the slider to the beginning of the video and start over , it should play uninterrupted.

Your WEB sites not  working?

Just like the shows Kevin and Steve build and maintain  the WEB site themselves, so if you encounter a problem let us know email us                         and we will find a fix. Weíre always trying to improve the Live CAR SHOWS experience and adding new features all the time.

How do I get a copy of an episode?

Look for the buy it now button or click on the Store tab at the top. If you still can't find it email us 

How come you guys call yourself  Live CAR SHOWS and the shows are taped?

Live CAR SHOWS streams events Live, We record our car shows Live on the spot  most  web-sites offer only pictures.  We then take our Live video and interviews edit and play them free on demand at our website.

How do you choose the carís and interviews?

Kevin and Steve let the cars and interviews come to them. At each show we try to find rare and unusual cars and stories to highlight. Email us                         if you have a special  car , collection or story to tell.  Weíre always looking for interesting interviews at Live CAR SHOWS.

Can Live CAR SHOWS shoot our event?

Live CAR SHOWS is located in Southern California.  We be will traveling the state to find interesting news and events related to every form of  transportation collecting.
Email us                         well in advance  when planning an event  to check our availability. Plan early so you can include Live CAR SHOWS in your promotions.

Do you cover anything other than car shows?

Yes Live CAR SHOWS will shoot any type of event from transportation collecting ,to tractors, bikes and planes just email us                        about your event. Check out the Past Episodes page for great examples.

Sometimes Kevin doesnít know what heís talking about.

Well first we donít have writers or technical advisors on Live  CAR SHOWS . Kevin ad libs all the interviews and usually only gets one take. Sometimes  itís just better to move on, I hope Iím getting better.

How much does it cost to shoot Live CAR SHOWS?

We canít put a price on it  because it takes all of Kevin and Steve's free time making Live  CAR SHOWS happen. If we did put  it to a number, using  daily scale and rental of equipment with post production it would add up to  $1,000.00 of dollars.

I donít see any shows streaming?

Streaming is expensive, Live CAR SHOWS is developing a streaming page and will stream events live in the future. We are experimenting and occasionally stream events Live so keep checking you never know what youíll find on Live CAR SHOWS. If you have an event you want streamed Live email us                        for pricing.

Are Kevin and Steve getting rich off  Live CAR SHOWS?

No, Kevin and Steve have day jobs , they work weekends and nights free to bring you what they think is an important  video collection of interesting, news, stories and history related to transportation collecting. They are both car lovers and have been around cars most of there lives. Kevin and Steve have over 55  years  combined television production  experience that brings you  Live CAR SHOWS. There time and equipment comes out  of there own pockets, and sales of DVDís to this date havenít covered gas.

Legal Stuff

Release and interview information.  By granting Live Car Shows an interview you agree that Live Car Shows may use the interview of your likeness and subject matter used during the interview without compensation for display in any media form currently known or unknown at this time. Live Car Shows owns all exclusive rights associated with the content displayed on this site and any links that include content created by Live Car Shows.

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