Thank you for taking time to check out Live Car Shows. Live Car Shows was created by two guys that had a life long love of everything transportation related, then  take over  60 years combined television production experience and what you get is Live Car Shows. Live Car Shows is shot on location in HD and we've already interviewed over 300 one of a kind owners of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and planes. Live Car Shows is the type of programing that appeals to a wide range of viewers, classic car owners, customizers, low riders and collectors from all walks of life. Live Car Shows captures the look and feel of each show and makes the viewer feel like they were there, even if there half way around the world. 
       Now the best part, Live Car Shows is affordable programing. With our low production costs we can offer you first run programming for what your probably paying for reruns. We can tailor Live Car Shows to fit  traditional broadcast outlets or you can combine Live Car Shows with an already established internet brand to drive more traffic to your site. And of course, there's Live Car Shows popular web site that promotes the collecting culture, along with our show pages we offer cruise spot maps, event calendar, store and stolen car pages. With only word of mouth Live Car Shows web site is up to over 2 million hits.
       So set up an appointment with us today so we can get started producing all new programing for you. We've never repeated a show location and there are 1000's of shows across the country that Live Car Shows would like to cover. Thank you again for your time, we appreciate you checking out Live Car Shows and we “hope to see you at a car show soon”.

Contact us at info@livecarshows or call 818 209 9156

Kevin Muldoon
Steve Schuneman
Live Car Shows